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About Us:

Best Marketing Network Inc. has been in business for over 20 years developing websites and marketing businesses.

We strongly believe that having your business listed and/or advertised in as many places possible online as it is the main media outlet that is used for locating and finding information about a business.

The internet world is always chaning and we have setup this website to give tourism industry the best exposure we can with no cost to the operator.  You can list your tourism business for FREE or draw more attention to your listing by choosing to feature your business, the choice is yours.

Tourism Nova Scotia website is mobile friendly, which is very important with everyone using their mobile devlices as their main device for searching the internet.

In fact, Google now bases it searches on mobile friendly website first.  If your website isn't mobile friendly, getting found on Google will become harder and harder in the future.

If your current website is not mobile friendly, we can help. 


We offer all tourism operators a discount

when signing up for our FREE listing.


Make your website accessible and mobile

friendly in everyone's hands!


If you don't have a website or just looking for a new, fresh look, we also offer discounted prices for tourism operators.  Websites are like TV commercials, they are always changing to draw more attention to their business, with new photos, new colors and a new design.


Call us for more information and see

what Best Marketing Network Inc. can offer you.

Phone : +19026988340

Mail : info@nstourism.com

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